Each work presented on this site was created during the period from 1994-2000, in the conditions of interminable crisis, which befell nations of Yugoslavia. The works of the artist Zivko Grozdanic are characteristic documents of the energy of the individual, who wasn't reconciled to the political, ultra nationalistic and enthropic strategies of the regime, which had come into being with the disintegration of the Yugoslav cultural space. Objects, installations, sculptures are artistic documents made in the atmosphere of the crisis time, in which the tension is reflected reversaly and the energy of behavior arises from the activities directed towards the creation of the artist image who doesn't wait passively to see what will happen around him.
The artist introduces the term "ALLEGORIES" as the fundamental principle, as contrast between two elements in which one of the elements is always an allegorical supplement. This fundamental principle is the mental image of the artist, contrast between different substances and conditions, psychological and existential, such as the tension, strain, danger, fatalismů









Umetnicka ustanova Multimedijalni centar Vrsac
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